CrownWall Locking Big J Kayak Hooks (1-Pair)



Maintain the pristine condition of your kayak with these padded hooks. The modular hooks can be placed at any height or length to adapt to different sizes and models of kayaks. When not in use the hooks collapse neatly against the wall with the push of a button.


Weight Capacity
Supports up to 75 lbs per hook, or 150 lbs together. Heavier items should be stowed close to the wall with lighter-weight items near the tips for proper weight distribution.

Manufactured from high-grade steel with a sleek, powder-coated grey finish which resists scratching and corrosion. Rubber coating protects and secures supported items.

Featuring our unique locking mechanism, the textured thumb screw makes it easy to lock the hook in place, preventing any slipping, lifting, or otherwise unwanted movement.


Our accessories are fully modular, freely repositioned, and designed to work with CrownWallTM Slatwall.

5-Year Warranty 

We stand behind our products and guarantee that they will be free from defects.

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