CrownWall 10-Piece Plastic Bin Kit

Garage Royalty ProductsSKU: CW10BIN‐K



Excellent assortment of hooks to help get you started. High grade steel back plates disperse the workload throughout the wall. Empowering you to hang whatever you want, wherever you want.


  • 4 x Small Bins (CWBS)
  • 4 x Medium Bins (CWBM)
  • 2 x Large Bins (CWBL)


High Capacity

  • Small Bin - Supports up to 33lbs / 15kgs each
  • Medium Bin - Supports up to 66lbs / 30kgs each
  • Large Bin - Supports up to 66lbs / 30kgs each

Made of durable high-density polypropylene that is easy to clean, resists yellowing and stains.

Our accessories are fully modular and freely repositioned. Add to your configuration or change it at any time.

Universal Hanging
Designed to work with most slatwall. Usable with standard slatwall, or any slatwall that accepts standard accessories.

Lifetime Warranty
We stand behind our products and guarantee that they will be free from defects for life.

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